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We are extremely excited to kick off Season 1 Episode 2 with Eric Tung. In this episode we talk with Eric about utilizing content marketing to grow your brand.

In this episode, we jump right in and cover:

  • What content marketing is
  • How content marketing can differentiate a brand in such a large noisy market
  • What some of the best forms of content marketing are
  • Paid content, is it important or not?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Publish a premium piece of content around a central theme. “Slice” it into smaller pieces of content (i.e blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, webinars, quotes, etc.) across different digital channels. Rinse and repeat!

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About our Guest: Eric T. Tung is one of Houston’s leading social media strategists and content marketers. Eric is recognized as  #33 of “Top Marketing Talent in the World”. With 10 over ten years in marketing and online technology he is currently the director of digital communications at GoTo Marketers, which is based in Toronto Canada.





Product Highlight: Arkon Mounts and @Arkon_Mounts

Hosts Point of View3 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads Faster Using Content Marketing by Noble Crawford

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