Our special guest on this episode is Gail Lovelace Menasco, a Technical SEO Consultant, skydiver and scuba diver! She is a storyteller by nature and speaks at various events throughout the year including TEDX.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What to look for in a robots.txt file
  • Tools to help improve your SEO
  • Why awesome content should be your main goal
  • Technical SEO for video
  • …and end of the year giveaways!


KEY TAKEAWAY: Create Awesome Content!

If you're putting in the time to create great content, you want it to be found and you want Google to display it... that's the importance of technical SEO. Click To Tweet

About Our Guest

Gail Lovelace Menasco studied Marketing at the University of Central Florida and has a passion for online marketing and search. She works with enterprise companies as well as local companies to understand the language they’re using online, trending, seasonality, and also enjoys technical SEO. Gail was an avid skydiver for 7 years, and also started SCUBA diving at age 16 and has a passion for sharks!


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