Matt Anices

Noble and Alesia welcome Matt Anices on this special holiday weekend edition of the Social Slice Podcast to talk entrepreneurship, business and developing mentor relationships.

In this episode we cover:

  • How you know when it’s time to take the leap
  • Proper planning to avoid major pitfalls
  • Leveraging a strong mentor or coach
  • Tools & resources
  • …and much more!

KEY TAKEAWAY: Use a good old-fashioned notebook and calendar to schedule your time and stay productive.

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About our Guest: Matt Anices has been a full-time entrepreneur ever since he walked away from his corporate job in March 2017 to push himself to reach his full potential. Since then he has done over a Million dollars in sales, and has raised 6 figures from private investors for expansions in his companies! Starting a new business of any fashion can seem overwhelming at first, but with a good coach, some hard work, and persistence, it is very possible! Matt on a personal mission to help people do just that!

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The Matt Anices Experience Podcast

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